10 major advantages of Aglay (Azerbaijani Sandstone) Cladding Stones on the interior and exterior of a structure.

The use of stone indoors and outdoors brings fame and respect to building owners all over the world who use stones. There is no better solution for the magnificence, beauty, and insulation of a building, whether it is a business building or a house, than the use of natural stone. Stone cladding of facades in Azerbaijan is widely used throughout the country due to the population’s preference for domestic production and classic style. Facades of hotels, cafes, private houses, and other structures are covered with classical stone facades created according to architectural guidelines. 10 key reasons for the growing popularity of stones: • Spectacular Visual Attraction • Possibilities for using Aglay cladding stones both indoors and outdoors • From ancient times to the present, the most magnificent and elegant of the materials used. • Possibilities to prepare the most challenging aglay cladding stone works • The best natural insulation • “Breathing” factor (natural ventilation), which is very important for buildings • Life span. The life of the facade, created with aglay cladding stones the same as the life of the building. • Does not necessitate any additional services. • Only one-time expenses • Facades adorned with aglay cladding stones have traditionally brought their owners harmony, comfort, and happiness. Cladding stones provide the impression of being warm to the touch, which is one of the reasons they are used both indoors and outdoors. Hardness The facade, created with Aglay cladding stones, is unlike the paint or glass tiles that have been on the market for the past 2-3 years. Stone is a long-lasting material that will keep its glamour for a long time. It’s also resistant to the effects of the environment. Stone facades become more valuable historical monuments for future generations as they age, and they can be as valuable as architectural works. Stone facade cladding Remember, everything in nature is alive. Artificial and unnatural materials, such as plastic or concrete, can’t match the allure of natural stones. Lift your head now and then to glance at the facades of the buildings you’re passing by. The splendour and charm of Baku’s stone facades, which have decorated the city since the 1890s and have become architectural monuments, will amaze you. Consider what artificial material could create such a natural and appealing beauty?