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Designing facades is the most important step in the future to understand the budget. We start designing right away with 3D Visualization. By preparing various unique designs we select the best options.


Stone Crafting


Art stone carving is the oldest applied art that has not lost its relevance at the present time. The work of a stone carver is able to turn a shapeless block into a real art object. When creating stone sculptures, the master cuts off excess fragments to obtain the desired shape. To work with many available materials, including marble carvings, craftsmen use fundamental tools, various hammers, special tools and accessories for carving

Crafting process


Stone differs from other materials in increased density and processing complexity. The main stages of stone carving are:

  • design
  • removal of percussion in three stages (roughing, secondary molding and smooth finish)
  • hand drying
  • grinding
  • finish
  • installation

Carving hard rocks (granite and marble) requires specialized tools, such as electric grinders and hammers, and qualified training. Even experienced carvers can spend up to 85 hours working on a relatively simple sculpture. This work requires planning and patience and is very much appreciated.

Production facilities and manual work

Our company has its own large-scale production, which includes high-tech machine tools. The level of equipment allows to create architectural elements with unique detailing of the decor.

Professional stone engravers embody the most complex elements of the ornament and turn stone products into a real work of art.

Craft decor

Our company offers a wide selection of products of its own manufacture.
The catalog contains:

  • carved bas-reliefs
  • figured ornaments
  • columns
  • sculptural compositions
  • brackets
  • modulons
  • platbands
  • balusters
  • carved cornices

Our offer

Stone & Tradition Inc. offers a large selection of finished carved products.

You can order any design of your imagination as well.

Order and delivery of stone engraving can be ordered from the web site: an extensive catalog of items with photos will help you choose the right option at the best price or order individual designed pictures, images, drawing etc. A flexible system of discounts.

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