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Designing facades is the most important step in the future to understand the budget. We start designing right away with 3D Visualization. By preparing various unique designs we select the best options.


Stages of designing building facades


  • Visual assessment of the exterior and interior.
  • Fixing sizes and proportions.
  • Creation of rough sketches.
  • 3D modeling and visualization of the layout.
  • Approval of the terms of reference for the design project of the facade of the house.
  • Detailed study of the approved plan.
  • Transfer to the client of a complete set of technical documentation, including an estimate.

When designing, we consider the position of the building in the urban infrastructure and visually assess neighboring objects in order to create a truly harmonious design. We thoroughly inspect the object, make accurate measurements and coordinate the architectural concept of the building with the client during design. Drawing estimates and creating technical specifications, we consider the costs of facing, architectural and auxiliary elements. Our specialization is beautiful, modern and durable facade systems!

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