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Designing facades is the most important step in the future to understand the budget. We start designing right away with 3D Visualization. By preparing various unique designs we select the best options.


Stone & Tradition Inc. carries out the installation of natural stone in accordance with the requirements of modern architecture and the construction industry.

We work with complex geometric shapes and standard designs.

We install natural stone on the facade in compliance with the technology, efficiently and quickly.

Stages of preparation and installation


A modern strategy for the delivery and construction of facade systems requires deep knowledge, professional design, competent planning and extensive experience in construction work.

Preliminary work on installing stone on the facade includes:

  • accurate measurements on the spot;
  • identification of reference points;
  • 3D modeling of the layout;
  • all necessary coordination with the customer;
  • material delivery to the facility;
  • installation of a substructure;
  • laying of facing tiles;
  • fixing brackets and architectural elements.
  • The specialists of our company are highly qualified and have extensive experience in the construction of facade systems made of natural stone.

Our advantages

  • 3D computer simulation of the project;
  • Professional packaging and safe transportation
  • Work in a complex urban infrastructure;
  • Coordination of timely delivery;
  • A strategy for lifting material and equipment to a height;
  • Safety and reliability during construction.
  • Equipment and technology
  • Assemble large facade structures in a short time.
  • Profiles are attached directly to the wall of the building.
  • The small distance from the edge of the cladding panel to the facade wall ensures economical use of space and the absence of gaps.
  • The facade substructure can be installed on any surface – concrete, stone, steel.


Our high-quality profiles are the main structure of the facade cladding. Made of torsion resistant aluminum. The characteristics of this metal give lightness and strength to the structure. Profiles are easy to fit into the desired size.

Thanks to the simple connection with the frame, designer surfaces can be created from the most popular natural stones – granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, travertine.

Our offer

Stone & Tradition Inc. offers a large selection of finished carved products.

You can order any design of your imagination as well.

Order and delivery of stone engraving can be ordered from the web site: an extensive catalog of items with photos will help you choose the right option at the best price or order individual designed pictures, images, drawing etc. A flexible system of discounts.

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