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Designing facades is the most important step in the future to understand the budget. We start designing right away with 3D Visualization. By preparing various unique designs we select the best options.


Art stone, is not short-lived materials as wood and paint, and if the rules are followed during the installation process, then the life of the facade will be last the life of the building.

Stone & Tradition Inc gives Building’s Life Time Warranty to the work that fulfilled by company.

One of the most important factors that distinguishes Aglay from other materials, facade that have changed color due to environmental affections can be restored to their original condition at any time.


Protection of the stone surface from environment affection is one of the most important part of our services

After 2008 year, on the basis of the implemented new technology applied by Stone & Tradition Inc, stone surface is carried out by our company which includes soaking of stone with new special technology creates a layer of protection and it protect the stone surface from getting wet and pollution.

Click here to see difference in surfaces of materials made by old and new technology.

Before restoration

After restoration

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